Everything you wanted to know about The Ugly Uncles but didn't know who to ask.

It's hard to believe, I know, but there are people legally allowed to drink and licenced to drive on our roads who weren't even born when the Ugly Uncles began! Actually, it's even harder to believe that the Ugly Uncles are still allowed to drive on our roads, but that's another story. And as for the drinking, well, what you don't know won't hurt you.


The Ugly Uncles was born out of a desire, shared by a disparate (and dissolute) number of professional and amateur musicians, to see if it was possible to have as much fun on stage as audiences could have off. Despite the handicap of being made up of an old-timey fiddle player, a multi-stringed instrumentalist with a hat fetish, the owner of the first metal body ukulele made in Australia, a boogie woogie tin whistlist, a retired guardsman, a professional window cleaner who doesn't own a banjo-ukulele but can sing the song, some bloke who hits things and (probably) Australia's first self-funded retiree musician, The Ugly Uncles has been entertaining audiences for twenty years, by some definitions of the word "entertaining". We remain Australia's foremost and possibly only exponents of the musical genre alt-jug. In the tradition of the Ugly Uncles, the passing of Uncle Mark has seen the fiddle bow passed to Uncle Sal. The Uncles have always been and will always remain an equal opportunity employer.


The band's first CD "The Good, The Bad and The Uncles" and their second "A Hatful of Uncles", a collection of more Uncles favourites (and featuring Uncle Jess, now in the acclaimed band Flap! as guest vocalist and ukulele player on one of the tracks,) are both available from the Shopping Cart or you can purchase them directly from the band at one of our gigs. Why not book the band for your next function? The Ugly Uncles jug inspired blues, folk and jazz will delight.


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